Location scouting in Antwerp and Ghent

During location hunting we also shot some footage with Laura Verlinden and Manon Verbeeck that will soon apear in an updated teaser.

    Photos below by Walter Grimm:

      The Film

      BLOG: Now in Development/Pre-Production.

        After two years of research, writing and re-writing, the script is now finally done. Many thanks to our co-writers Noëlla Elpers and Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, who’ve done a wonderful job on the personal stories between the characters!
        This 90 minunte feature film is now ready for development and pre-production by Picoux Productions (BE). Please check out the special cast we are putting together and the teaser to try give a sneak peak of the mood the film will have. We choose to cast these actors in an early stage to refine the script with their personal character nuances, or better put: we were sure the actors will portrait the characters in their own original way :-)

        Oscar Spierenburg