About us

Oscar_Spierenburg02Oscar Spierenburg (1981) is a painter, director and cinematographer. As a painter Oscar already established a name in The Netherlands and Belgium for over a decade with a serene palette, sense of form, simplicity and an impressionistic way of working. As a director he seeks the same atmosphere. ‘The Spring of César’, a well received short film, was his film debute as independent director and cinematographer. The music for this (and other films) were composed by Oscar and his brother Tobias Spierenburg. Oscar is also the founder of the award winning Apertus – open source cinema camera project, an international platform for filmmakers creating open and affordable technology/means for independent filmmakers.

willemijn. de Krey (1982) is a visual artist and the executive producer of Vanitas. “As a visual artist I feel the urge to create. It’s because of the beauty of life itself; whether it be love, happiness or pain. I want to intensify the feeling of being alive.” Willemijn graduated from the art academy in 2011. At her final exhibition she was selected as one of the 10 talented upcoming artists from the graduates from the three ArtEZ art academies to show their work at Oostenwind 11 in the Delta Lloyd building in Amsterdam. “Creating Vanitas is a wonderful experience with all the energy from cast and crew. “ Willemijn02

In co-operation with:

Minske van Wijk (1977) is filmmaker and film producer. Previous realisations of Minske van Wijk included ‘By A Badgered Tie’, an animated film in oilpaint on glass for the project Dichtvorm (poetry), as well as the recent short film ‘The Spring of César’, her debute and first film as independent producer. Both films received various nominations on (inter)national film festivals. ‘´The Spring of César’ received an Honorable Mention at Leuven Kortfilmfestival 2011.

Peter Holvoet-Hanssen (1960) is a Flemish poet and modern troubadour, also active in the storytelling theater Madame Toutou. During his position as City Poet of Antwerp (2010-2012) he was working with Picoux Productions for the creation of the short film ‘The Spring of César’

Noëlla Elpers (1959) debuted with a novel for adults, but soon she also wrote children’s books and historical novels. Together with her husband, poet/writer Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, she founded ‘Het Kapersnest‘ combining their love of literature and poetry, art and history and passing it on to young people. Due to her filmic way of writing, we asked her to explore the female characters for ‘Vanitas’ and an overall revision of the script.