First scenes edited

Cheers! The first scenes of Vanitas have been edited. It’s fun and brings back good memories from the shooting days.

Here are two stills from one of the most ‘exuberant’ scenes with amazing performances by Pjeroo Roobjee, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Katrien Devos, Don Fabulist, Jo Clauwaert and others…

Post production

Thanks to the people who donated to the crowd funding of Vanitas and the successful private auction last week we now have enough money to start the post production. It will be fun to edit the scenes, compose the music, etcetera.

We will keep you posted so don’t forget to check the website every now and then!


10 days to go

Please be aware that there are still 10 days to go before we have to get 100% of our crowd funding amount. We are at 70% now, so we really hope you will help us by making a donation.

Making a donation is possible from 5 euros on. For 15 euros or more you will get a reward, such as a DVD or permiere tickets.

Imagine your donation a brushstroke and Vanitas a painting. Help us paint a beautiful picture!

Vienna_22_Octobrefilming in Vienna 22 October


International crowdfunding Vanitas online

There are only a few scenes left to shoot and then it’s time to start the post production. To get the post production started we still need additional funding.

Please help us by sharing the link to our crowd-funding campaign with your family, friends and colleagues. For every donation of 15 € or more there’s a reward. For example DVDs and premiere tickets.

Thank you for sharing!


Location scouting in Antwerp and Ghent

During location hunting we also shot some footage with Laura Verlinden and Manon Verbeeck that will soon apear in an updated teaser.

    Photos below by Walter Grimm: